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Pointing & Repointing

At S M Repointing, we are a team of roofing specialists based in Manchester, offering our professional pointing and repointing services to all property owners throughout the local area.

Pointing is the process of creating a second layer over the top of the roof bedding and chimney to create additional strength around the roofing tiles and the chimney structure. Additionally, pointing also seals the roof and chimney in order to protect them from water ingress, dust and debris.

At S M Repointing, our specialists are highly skilled and experienced in a comprehensive range of roof and chimney pointing techniques, which allows us to achieve first-class results with every pointing service we complete.

Roofing and chimney pointing can be highly beneficial for an extensive list of reasons. Not only does pointing prolong the lifespan of a roof and chimney, but it also ensures the roof and chimney continue to appear aesthetic and are maintained in a secure, functional position.

At S M Repointing, we cover all bases when it comes to pointing and therefore provide a repointing service to those who are experiencing roofing deterioration and are looking to improve the condition of their roofing and/or chimney mortar.

Some of the signs to suggest your roof or chimney needs to be repointed include:

  • Leaks
  • Excess moisture
  • Visibly loose roof tiles
  • Missing roof tiles
  • Granules in the gutter
  • Visible deterioration of the chimney mortar
  • Debris falling from the chimney

Repointing is the process of replacing the current mortar with new to ensure the roof and/or chimney is optimally protected from all external elements. This process can be challenging and hazardous without the correct expertise and equipment and with this, we emphasise the importance of ensuring all repointing work is undertaken by a professional roofing team like ourselves at S M Repointing.

Safety is crucial for us at S M Repointing. With this, our specialists are kept up to date on the current safety guidelines, which ensures all regulations are adhered to for the duration of all pointing and repointing work we complete. Therefore, when choosing to undergo your pointing or repointing service with our team, you can settle knowing that the environment will be maintained in a safe position, and the entire roof and/or chimney structure will comply with all regulations once the pointing work is finished.

To discuss your pointing or repointing requirements with our team at S M Repointing, give us a call on 07902172962 where one of our specialists will offer you additional information regarding our pointing and repointing services and assist you further with your requirements.

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